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Submitted on
March 11, 2012


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I'm currently stuck at home so I'm all prepared for a long session of drawing. Therefore, I'm officially opening commissions again. It's 20$ black and white lineart + shading and 30$ full color (these prices are per character, full body included). So if you're up to it, I could really use some money and stuff to draw (I know it's kind of shitty when people say they could use some money, but we could all use money, so I'm just being honest).

If you're interested, which I hope you are, send me a note. :)

EDIT: I've been fucked over at least three times till now in which regards commissions aka I did the drawings and I got no money. Someone even deactivated their account after commissioning me and after I drew everything before the payment. So in order for me to start working on something, I'll have to ask for half the price before I draw anything and the other half after I finish it so it's fair to both parties. I know I still haven't finished some old commissions and even some new ones, I know that's just unprofessional from my part, but I would never just run away with the money. I've been in constant stress and random health issues for almost a year now, I'm sorry I keep excusing myself, but it's true.

So if anyone is still interested in commissions, please note me and we can talk about sending half the payment before I start doing anything just so I don't get fucked over again. Also, I can't keep track of my notes, I have a lot of them, I don't know which is which. So I'd like to ask the people I owe commissions to and already paid (also the unpaid ones) to send me an email on so I can work easily. Thank you very much for your patience and putting up with my shit for so long. I really appreciate it. :heart:
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Sharkfu Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You open still?
XxXMiiDNiGhTXxX May 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I'm sorry that happened...

D'ah, when I get enough money, I'M TOTALLY COMMISIONING YOU.
oh my god, NEVER start the drawing without get the money!! :(

I'd like to suggest you to don't accept 50% of the payment adter and before, because people can take the drawing when you submit it, download it and don't pay the other falf of the money, the best is to take the full money amount and then start to avoid bad surprises.

I went to your profile to see your commission prices and then I saw that, I feel I must help you with this (well if you want)
I'm not a great art seller but maybe I can give you a helpful tip: to organize your commissions better, you could put a new blank window in your profile (because if you write it in a paper it could be missed, it happens to me all the time) and write the nick of the people who already paid you a commission, then next put the link to the reference they gave you and some specific details you need to remember.

I really hope this can help you in any way and I'm so sorry for the problems you had :(
just tell me if you need something
Fuck, I wish I could afford it ):
So if I were to buy a two-character b&w with shading, it would be $40?
CandyCollie Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm down.. I'm so down if you're still open. I've always wanted to see you draw one of my characters.
Moonrisepower Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you still interested in doing the one I asked for before? :)
I would love a commission from you! Honestly you're one of my favourite artists here on Deviantart! Now to decide on a character... perhaps two if you're up for the challenge :D
oh my god YES i will be noting you on the 15th if you'll still be open then *U* <3
samnoonan Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm down. email address?
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