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25$ quick commissions! - 10 slots FILLED

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 6, 2013, 8:27 AM
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Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you know I've opened 10 slots of 25 dollar commissions! The commissions will be consistent of just one character and will be more cartoonish than realistic, full body and fully colored/cell-shaded! I'll give you a sketch example:…  
I don't have a fully finished drawing example to show you yet, but I promise it will look good!
Let me know in the comment section if you're interested and it's first come, first served. 

As to my old commissioners, I've been side-tracked with all the shit going on in my life and I had to postpone the finished results of my old commissions, so please let me know in case I haven't delivered! 
Thank you! :heart:

EDIT: I got more than 10 slots filled, thank you guys so much, I'll try doing the quick commission thing once a month, hopefully! Thank you so much! :heart:

Hey, guys! I hope you haven't forgotten me. It's been a really long year and now that I'm finally on summer break, I can restart drawing and finally get some rest, eventually posting whatever I can. There's not much to say, I'm just glad I can look around dA again. Hope y'all good! :heart:

Also, thank you guys so much for all the birthday wishes! Love you all <3
Hey, lovelies. Just wanted to let you know I'm finally on winter break and I'll finish each and every one of the commissions during vacation and finally give them all to you. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your patience. It's been a crazy year, even worse than the last one, and I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, specially since we survived yet another doomsday. :heart:

I am still open for commissions as of now, so if anyone is interested, leave me a note and we'll talk. :heart:

Thank you, dearest. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Happy Holidays!

Also, if anyone has an extra premium membership, don't be shy, cause I'll definitely take it. :lol: /needy
Hey, lovely people. :heart:
Just wanted to let you know I'm working on each commission at the same time, but I have to get home to transfer all my work on my computer. I haven't been home in two weeks, shit sucks, hah.. But I'm forever grateful as always of your patience and you guys have no idea how much you've helped me so far with everything. Thank you, sincerely. :heart:
Love you guys :heart:
Hey, guys.. I'm not sure how to say this or where to start, but I've been having money issues and I need to pay for a shitload of stuff because of my college and living in another city, so I was wondering if anyone was willing to buy some more expensive commissions from me, around 50+ dollars or so, I could really use it.. I'm gonna leave this journal up for as much as possible and for anyone who actually likes my work and who has patience with me on doing my best.. And I know people don't usually react well to feeling sorry for myself, but I've been a complete asshole most of the time and kept throwing myself deeper into this shithole without even realizing. I've done nothing but slowly killing myself both mentally and physically over anything and everything and I just want to make things right for once.. Thank you very much and I'm sorry if I sound pathetic or something.. But yeah, dA has helped me out a hell lot ever since I joined it.. I would be forever grateful. Thank you very much...

EDIT: Hey, first of all, wow.. I never thought I'd be getting so many messages and notes about this. I swear simply because you guys are commenting, saying anything about my situation, is motivating me a lot and makes me want to put an end to my self-loathing and be productive with everything going on in my life. So thank you very, very much, I will do my best to give each and every one of you what you want and I'm still working on my old commissions, I'm sorry it's taking me so long (as usual), but my organization skills suck and school is going downfall more and more, so I have to focus on it first. Also, for the price of 50 dollars it could be anything, really, as long as it involves two people (a couple, friends, enemies, etc) or a painted/airbrushed detailed portrait/torso of a character. And by the way, I would love to experiment in these commissions, get a bit out of my safe zone and be more imaginative with them, if that's okay with you. :) Thank you, once again, so much for everything, I swear this place has helped me a shitload of times, every time I needed it. Thank you.

EDIT2: Hey again! Just wanted to let you know how much you've helped me and that I'm working on whatever I can as long as I'm back home for a couple of days till I go back to college. And things are starting to look up. I've managed to do better in school and get involved more into projects and have a better relationship with my teachers and it all started with you guys helping me out. And I'm very grateful. You can still note me if you're interesting in any type of commission, I'll answer as soon as possible. :heart: :) Thank you!
Since I am almost done with an old batch of commissions and still have some time tonight before I go to college tomorrow, I'm opening commissions once again, but only for the first two commenters, so if you're interested, leave a message here and I'll note you about it. And thank you very much, guys, for everything so far, I love you all. :heart:…

EDIT: I got my commissioners, thank you very much. :)
I've seen the shit on Tumblr and wherever else they post hating crap about me and I just gotta say: thank you.

Thank you for making me famous because of your childhood issues related hatred. No, seriously, I couldn't do this shit without ya. :lol:
You can all go have long conversations and post threads about how I'm racist and how I trace everything I draw while I amuse myself over your interest towards my life and how I know who I really am. It makes me feel quite important. It did affect me at some point because everything became personal and you kept throwing hateful notes and comments at me, but I genuinely don't give a shit anymore and try to stay positive about it. I suggest you try laying off the hate as well and go make yourself happy without it. Life's too short for intense loathing and discussing negative shit about other people on THE INTERNET. If you want to fight for a cause, find a better one, cause this one ain't worth the energy, just saying.

This is my reaction to all of it:…

Other than that, the ones who commissioned me, thank you for resending notes and posting comments on my previous journal, reminding me what I have to finish and for whom. It's been very helpful and I'm working on each and every one of them, it just takes time between working, school and having to move into a new apartment. But thank you very much for your patience, you'll hear from me soon! :heart:
My love for Supernatural is beyond reason. Seriously, I wish I could describe how much I love this show and the characters, but words are way above me. I feel like my vessel can't take the feels. /fangirl

make the love stop, it hurts ;_;
I lost track of the notes I needed for completing the commissions you payed for, so if it's not much trouble, I would be grateful if the people I owe commissions to and who paid would post about it here in this journal. It will be much easier than getting notes, I have a shitload of them, hah, so I can read every comment I need right here. Sorry, yet again, that it's taking so long. I had to retake some exams and deal with schoolwork, you know, bigger fish. Sorry about that. But yeah, thank you all for your patience, I'm hoping to hear from you soon so I can finally finish all the sketches I have. Thanks. :heart:
I have been accused of tracing by people on Tumblr and now on DeviantArt. I am seriously done with this place. I'm sorry I try drawing anatomically correct and actually work my ass off to make them legitimate. I am sorry I draw from observation and use stock photos to correct whatever I don't yet know about anatomy and all of that, because clearly I should know everything beforehand and I shouldn't ever try learning something from everything I do. I am sick and tired of people who have nothing better to do than to fuck up their lives by going completely virtual and fucking other people up. I can't take it anymore. I came here and got a Tumblr as well so I can share whatever I do and learn and connect/have a conversation with others. But clearly that isn't enough for some of you since you get so easily butthurt over anything and you make others feel the same amount of shit you make yourself feel by giving way too many useless fucks. Seriously, I will finish the commissions I have to finish and get the fuck out of here for good. Of course some of you will accuse me of fleeing and leaving because of guilt and I bet you'll find something to point at. I can't even rest my case, I can give no arguments and even if I do, I still can't win. Ever. This combined with the makorraaction drawing drama is just making me easily decide if I should leave the internet for good. I have no more energy for this. I have real life problems I should deal with, so I apologize I actually have a life outside this virtual shithole. And last but not least, haters gonna hate. That's all I can say about this. Thank you for your support so far, it's been a bumpy ride, but I learned a lot of things in the process, including the how to ignore and repress extremely sensitive people part. But really, guys, stop trying to change other people's worlds and start by looking in the fucking mirror instead. Good night, it's been charming.

Edit: Thank you. All of you. It really does help when I see people are actually supporting me. I was expecting continuous hatred after I posted this journal for some reason, but I was surprised to see that didn't happen. Just wanted to make it clear, I do not trace, but I do compare every basic line, basic anatomy, and get a lot of help from the said position of said person. I'm a perfectionist and I tend to overcheck and overdo everything. It's just the way I am and have always been.  It's really helpful, though, my hand is now used to automatically correct everything I find wrong, so using references all this time really helped me evolve. And I'll keep doing it till the day I die. Observation is everything for me and there are so many, many things to keep observing and understanding. I really don't know why it's viewed so negatively by some people, but it's their problem and not mine. I do need a break from the internet even if I don't leave for good. So that's definitely going to happen. I'll probably come back when the sea is calm and when I become wiser. Wiser as in I can keep my shit together even if I get hatred thrown my way and I can just gladly share my work.
But really, thank you, everyone. :heart:
I finally made a Tumblr! I'm still trying to understand how it works, but if you'd like to follow, here it is:

I'll probably start posting more on my tumblr, sketches and personal stuff included, so see you there! :heart:…

Check out these beautiful people taking beautiful photography! They're at the beginning of their tumblr/virtual promotion world, so help them out by having a look. :heart:
I deeply apologize for my behavior in these past few hours. I have been under a lot of stress because of school and health, I just got back from the doctors and I admit my reaction in the latest journal I've posted was beyond immature and hysterical.. I really am sorry, but I react violently to people bashing me and calling me out for reasons I didn't intentionally do.. This is regarding my makorraaction drawing, it was an honest mistake, I didn't mean to come off as racist, I was blamed for white-washing Korra, which I seriously didn't realize. I know it's an exponential racism problem and I deeply apologize if I contributed to it in any way. I'm also sorry I started cussing at everyone and acting immaturely defensive, it was just my way of coping with the situation. I'm sorry. I've had some problems for the past few months, thus not finishing commissions as fast as I should and my inactivity here on deviantArt. All in all, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I was just angry and reacting to attacks. I know it's a low way of counteracting, but it just happened. I am sorry. I admit the drawing is inaccurate, meaning Korra's skin is whiter than it is. I wasn't concentrated enough to look for references, I just thought I could express love and passion through said drawing, I didn't completely think it through. And I'm sorry, I'll pay much more attention to skin tones from now on and if anything good came out of this is that I'll definitely experiment more with colors. Thank you everyone who supported me regardless of my unintentional mistake and sorry if I have offended anyone. I really am.

I'm going to fix the drawing as soon as possible and hopefully all will be good once again.
Just a heads up: for the next 3 weeks, I'm gonna be deep into shit with final exams and schoolwork. So, whoever I owe commissions to, BEAR WITH ME FOR 2 WEEKS AT LEAST, PLEASE! :I Seriously, I can't wait to finish school so I can just sit and draw, but I simply, literally can't. I have a shitload of stuff to do and I'm already in trouble with school, so I just need a little support from you guys. I promise I'll finish absolutely every commission I owe.

Thank you so much in advance, hope you're not mad at me and you have a little patience. :heart:
There are no Planet Earth dialects to express how I feel towards this episode, so I need y'all to get me started so my head doesn't implode.
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That's all. It's just beautiful.
I'm currently stuck at home so I'm all prepared for a long session of drawing. Therefore, I'm officially opening commissions again. It's 20$ black and white lineart + shading and 30$ full color (these prices are per character, full body included). So if you're up to it, I could really use some money and stuff to draw (I know it's kind of shitty when people say they could use some money, but we could all use money, so I'm just being honest).

If you're interested, which I hope you are, send me a note. :)

EDIT: I've been fucked over at least three times till now in which regards commissions aka I did the drawings and I got no money. Someone even deactivated their account after commissioning me and after I drew everything before the payment. So in order for me to start working on something, I'll have to ask for half the price before I draw anything and the other half after I finish it so it's fair to both parties. I know I still haven't finished some old commissions and even some new ones, I know that's just unprofessional from my part, but I would never just run away with the money. I've been in constant stress and random health issues for almost a year now, I'm sorry I keep excusing myself, but it's true.

So if anyone is still interested in commissions, please note me and we can talk about sending half the payment before I start doing anything just so I don't get fucked over again. Also, I can't keep track of my notes, I have a lot of them, I don't know which is which. So I'd like to ask the people I owe commissions to and already paid (also the unpaid ones) to send me an email on so I can work easily. Thank you very much for your patience and putting up with my shit for so long. I really appreciate it. :heart:
Just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and that it's been a shit year, but we made it so far. Hopefully, 2012 will be better, even if we supposedly die at the end of it. :3

Also, 200 more pageviews till my kiriban.

Cheers! :heart:
I know it's a little early, but I'm holding a kiriban at 999.000. I figured since it'll take a while to get there, I'll actually have time to draw a request for whoever gets it. I also have to finish another kiriban from a while ago, other commissions and school stuff, so yeah. Either way, just a heads up for whoever wants to catch it. :)

Thanks. :heart: